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Hi! I am Shierly! The Owner of this site. I am a Real Person.I truly exist to offer you my help.

I created this site to help you out on searching the things that you might be interested with.  I am a mother who loves and  collects items for Arts and Crafts. I love designing , it’s my passion. Beginning from the special moments of your life to the events that made you prepared for a party.The Occassions to Remember that made you special person. The contents featured in my site are the favorite Personalized Items for Keepsakes to keep and Gifts to give. Preparing a party needs a lot of work , to help make it easier and quicker, it is my best recommendations to Personalized the Items that you need for  the party. Planning has never been so easy that you might consider to start costumizing your Items from Invitation Cards to Thank You Cards. Stickers are also good to put on loot bags for kids. Items to choose from as a remembrance to give to your Guests such as Costumized Mugs, T- shirts and many more … A Banner to let your Guest know about the party or event you are celebrating. Go on and browse, take  your time and find your favourite collections… Design your Own is such fun to do!

Another, a reminder and advice to do safe search and browsing, responsible buying and wise decision- making on your online activities. Consider Product Reviews and testings. I am your partner who wants to help you on your Online Experience. In making a decision what to buy, here is what I say : ‘” Buy only the things that you NEED…not only what you WANT.”Your Needs are much more important than what you just want. “…not all what you WANT is what you NEED”

My site has Affiliate Companies and Sponsors where I help promote their Products to the best of my knowledge ,thus, having me be paid a part of the sales.I keep myself busy finding and searching good things to share with you. However, take time to read my Affiliate Disclosure.This will help you understand that I am affiliated with companies.

The success of my Site is powered by the most popular and very stable Website Builder Platform around the world. All the Help and Guidance comes from the Community of Real People always ready for LIVE CHAT to addres your concerns and questions all around the clock.This place on the internet that I am talking about is WEALTHY AFFILIATE where two Real Persons are behind it making everyone who are ready for a change and follow all the Lessons and Trainings they provide to be a successful businessmen online.My site is an example of the fruits of labor while I am at Wealthy Affiliate from a newbie to expert who become an owner of a money-making website…while I am helping you find the products and services you are looking for, let me help you also how to build your own websites.Does it sounds good? Yes,your own website! You are the Author and the Owner!Everything starts at Wealthy Affiliate…


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