Choosing the Right Greeting Cards

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  • this is a kind of paper usually a cardboardfolded in sections.The popular is the tow-fold card.
  • the front page is the picture or image that is relevant to the occassion or event.The second pageis the written notes or messageof the Sender.The third page is the greetings from the Sender.The last page is the back where the card’s maker or company’s logo or infos. Usually the price is written at this page.


1. Depending on what occassion it is, it will reflect on the theme of your card. The pictures or images alone will signify what celebration it is.

2. The message should be relevant to the occassion. It should be encouraging and with lessons to learn. Advises, hopes and kind words should be considered.This way, the Reader or Celebrant makes him/her feel how very important and special person at this moment of her/his life in the occassion celebrating.

In terms of Symphathy Cards and Get-well-soon Cards,we should be careful to our words. It should not be offensive not to the point not insulting what had happened. It should be words of symphathy and compassion, encouragement and lifting up the spirit. Giving the sick hope for recovery and survival.

For other kinds of cards whose theme is to celebrate and culminate a happy moment ,should have joyous greetings of Love, Hope, Prayers and Wishes…

There is also this money card. You can always put orinsert paper money on any type of folded card but it’s nice if there is a little pocket fold down the bottom or sides of the card.This is to help hold the money on it’s place. This money is usually a gift of appreciation or token, charity or offering.

3. The size of the card also matters.The card should be smaller than the envelope. This way, it is easy to insert or slide the card into the envelope. 

4. The colors both the card and envelope are important to consider,too.

Happy celebrations are usually the light colors. Party colors can be mixed up.

Valentine’s Card usually Red and White.

Symphathy/ Condolences/ Get-well soon Cards usually Purple and white with black letterings. Popular color for sadness and comfort. White signifies acceptance from the loss that it will never come back the late but memories still alive.

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