Christmas Season


The Season of Giving and Receiving!

                                 A Joyfull heart of Giving!

Christmas Season is usually term as Shopping time and exchange gifts season. This occassion is celebrated for a time being that varies from place to place and in different cultures, religion and traditions all over the world. Not all people celebrate Christmas  for Religion’s sake but it is most and 100% for all Christians celebrations. However, some religion has counterpart of it like the Jewish holiday celebrating it as their Hannukkah. Some festivities, events and observances also takes place to other people who do not celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Celebration usually is celebrated on  Dec. 25. However, on the midnight of 24 people welcomes the Day of Chritmas by gatherings  or parties of families and friends presented with different holiday foods and recipes to partake. Followed by games and exchange gifts.

How different countries celebrate Christmas:

⇒ In Europe, the first day of Advent is a very important date to celebrate Christmas. They begin Christmas celebrations in different related events and observances. The popular Twelve Days of Christmas in the heart of European people. The first day begin on december 25 until 12th day which is on Epiphany that will end on January 6. They celebrate Christmas celebration on December 24th which they call “Up Helly Aa ” .

⇒ In Philippines and some parts of Latin America, the Holiday Season begin on Dec. 16th with novenas and devotions. In Philippines , they star it with the “Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo ” ( Catholics will go to Church in as early as they could in a morning devotion). Also, they start at night the “Caroling ” ( group of people will go house to house to sing chritmas songs and carols in exchange with any tokens of appreciation from the house owner to espress their gratitude and accept the blessings it will give to their house and family) that brought by the spirit of christmas songs). After that, usually Caroling end up by Dec. 24th at midnight. Whatever the amount the group had collected ( usually money) ,they will use it for an organized christmas party . At the night of Dec. 24th, midnight is where the gatherings of families and friends called “Noche Buena ” with traditional foods and recipes. to partake. What comes after are the games and funs  then the exchange gifts of everyone…

⇒ In Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russian Christians have their own observances of the holiday.

⇒ Thus, Christmas Season is celebrated all over the world!

 The true meaning of Christmas according to Christians is to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus which is on December 25th. Who is this JESUS they are referring to? He is believed to be as the Messiah, the promised Chosen One, Christ  the Messiah in Greek ,the Son of God. However, different Religious Groups has different prospectives about the Messiah. In Judaism, they believed that a chosen man is sent by God to restore Israel and reign the humanity. It will come in the House of David. The Christians believed that the Messiah comes from the Son of David which is Jesus, the Son of God whom He sent to Save mankind and rule as earthly King as well as when time comes He will be the King of kings and the Lord of lords in heaven and on earth. However, different religious Groups arises with their own Messiah…some called Prophet and others Messenger etc.



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