⇒ This is the successful completion of a program of study . A culmination of your chosen field of endeavor. It is signifying that the Student had satisfactorily completed a course of study.

⇒  A Graduation Ceremony is a gathering  where a degree ,diploma or award\s is conferred carried out at a Primary , Secondary , College or University School. In here , is the arrangements of degrees , levels and ranks.

⇒ An Academic exercise is a ceremony or service where their is processions and speeches.

Baccalaureate is where a farewell speech or sermon addressed to the Graduates or Graduating Classes at their commencement exercise.


⇒ This is the act of acquiring or imparting knowledges or  skills and trainings obtained or developed by a Learning process. It is a Program of instruction by recognized and Registered Schools. It is the Field of Study of Teaching and Learning. It is where different  Theory of Learning and Case Studies where experiences are acquired. The result is having the Power of Reasoning and Judgement.

… at the end of the process is to become an Expert or Proffesional to your chosen field of endeavor.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

⇒ (B.A.S.) or (B.A & Sci.) or (B.A.Sci.)

⇒ it is an Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree meant to be a completion of a Four-year Degree with the required Academic Major that leads to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree. It is conferred in American Universities and other English speaking countries.

The differences between Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts:

  • Bachelor of Arts  ⇒  The Program of Studies in  Non- Science Fields , Major in Humanities-Oriented Fields ( Foreign Service Degrees –  International History, Culture and Politics ). Economic degree , Liberal Arts,  Degrees associated in Art Fields like  Theater,Dance,Radio/Television Films. Also, in Photographies, Paintings and many more…
  • Bachelor of Science ⇒ The Program of Studies in Science  Fields such as Nursing , Doctorate, Medical Technicians, Physiology, Psychology and many more…

»»» The Award given to a Student whether B.A. or B.Sci Degree varies between Universities. It is the School’s choice to give categories of each Program of Study or Degree to whether in Bachelor of Science or in Arts.


My Experiences: When I was a kid still in Prep or Kindergarten, my Parents and Teachers always asked me what would I want to be when I grow up? I always told them different fields of study because in my young age with young mind and thoughts, I wanted to be whatever  I saw on tv or read in books or circumstances I encounter everyday …I mean sometimes to be a Doctor or a Dentist because I just went for dental check up. There was once I want to be a Pediatrician where my goal is to help kids recover on their sickness because I am also sick and I know the bad feeling of it. Sometimes, I want to be an Engineer because I watched on tv  of who built and repair the bridges and buildings. Circumstances , events and everyday encounters made my dream Person- to-be changed and that continues until I graduated in High School, the non ending changes of whom I want to be. After that, I begun to be serious in my decisions. Choosing the right Field of Endeavor on my Program of Study… First, Bachelor of Arts in Nursing but unfortunately one question  didn’t let pass me my interview to be qualified as a first year student. Next, I went to Bachelor of Arts in Commerce – Major in Management , a four-year degree. So, I studied for two years…as days past by, some subjects became difficult for me most in mathematics. I get tired and bored. My mind refused to absorbed the teachings and lessons because I can’t understand the math subjects and lessons no matter what I do. I was getting down to earth with less hope to pass the math subjects , not on English and non-math subjects for actually I am excelling on those subjects. I hated Mathematics who brought me down to being lazy to study numbers. Suddenly, at that time of getting down, a Love story came in.I thought I will be inspired to motivate myself to try not to give up on my Math Lessons, but unfortunately I ended up to graduate in MD ( Marriage Degree) an early stage of marriage life challenges. I forgot about my dreams to get an Acdemic Degree and fulfill my ambitions in life but to face the reality to better take care my family. I failed myself to be the person I want to be! I am sure there are lots of lessons on this unsuccessful stage of my life, but I need to face the new reality I am with. Is it my personal  choice or just my destiny? All the questions I have in mind, the answer is to look back at my past and learn to try not to happen again on my own children. Now, I just let the bad experiences I had about my education…I have to face my destination… to work and take care of my family! Yes, to Work… I have to be patient, endure and accept whatever job I got (not in higher offices or higher ranks ) for I made my destiny myself.Regrets? Yes, but we cannot go back in the past anymore rather to go ahead and face the challenge…the future is waiting…this is me!

This is what I do now… and enjoying it!

In anytime, if ever you needed help, questions and suggestions, leave my your message and I am happy to help you!


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April 13, 2018 at 2:06 am

Wow. You have a very extensive history in your college experience going through all those different degrees. I know you say “unfortunately,” but marriage degrees sound very useful and helpful to a lot of people. I do love what you do now! I don’t think most people understand all it takes to make a good graduation experience. I wish I had had a party and celebration but I just didn’t think I had enough money or resources to make it happen. I had NO idea there were people out there to help with such a thing. Thanks for following what you love! More people need to do the same 🙂


    April 13, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    Hi! Chase,

    Thanks for visiting my article! Education is a journey to be successfull in our chosen field of endeavor. Graduation is a culmination of a Degree.You do not need to throw an  expensive party to celebrate! Receiving your Diploma is celebrating your accomplishments together with your loved ones. A hug and a handshake with congratulations is the biggest gift you ever received. All the best!

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