Guidelines in Preparing a Party

A Party or Gathering

… is an Important  Occassion to Celebrate and  Remember the  Special Moments in One’s life…

A PARTY  is an organized group or  social gathering for pleasure, refreshment ,entertainment and conversation. It is a social event where people enjoy themselves by eating ,singing, dancing ,talking and even playing games. A group of people gathered together to perform happy and joyous activities. An assemblage of people , social affair or gathering for fellowship.Hospitality is the activity to welcome the Guests.


How to prepare a party?

Planning is such a hard thing to do. It takes a lot of thinking. To begin , consider the questions you need to ask. This will help you a lot to prepare  successfuly what you need to do on this special occassion to remember.

WHAT are you preparing for?

– What is the special occassion  to celebrate? Is it a Birthday, Wedding, Graduation ,Father’s  Day , Mother’s Day or a Holidays of the year etc.?

Visit:   Occassions to Remember

WHo will celebrate?

– To Whom is this party for? Who is the Celebrant? Is it for yourself, husband, kids, a friend or a relative? It is important to prepare also the celebrant? It is best also to consider knowing the Name, Age, sex, favorite ( colors, dress, costume, etc. )

Where is the venue?

– Where will be  the party to celebrate be held?. Where is the Reception or Venue? Where to Host?Is it in a Banquete Hall, Restaurant, or just at home?

When will it happen?

– When will be the party? It is best if exactly the time or date of the Occassion to Remember is at that day. It’s should also be considered a time where almost everyone or the Guests are available.

When is the best time to celebrate? If the Celebrant’s party wish or plan is eventually organized. This can be done by having first a Lists of activities, food, place and thime…

How will the party be organized?

– What foods or menus to prepare? Do we need decorations ? how many Chairs and tables to be used? Do we need Chef and Waiters or Waitresses to serve or just a buffet? Do we need Invitations?

Why are you celebrating?

–  Celebrating a special occassion to remember is making a memory. You are in your special moment. It should be a memorable one…


How can we say it in a proper way  during invites?

  • We are having a party on Saturday.
  • They will give a party to celebrate the Birthday of their daughter.
  • We will throw a huge graduation party.

Consider Invitation Cards.  Have a Banner is also great! Put also hanging decorations like balloons, flowers etc…Personalized it. Make it a place of fantasy …making it to Reality!



It is important to know very well what Occassion you are preparing for.

Here are some kinds of Celebrations you might be celebrating…

Mostly Celebrated…

  1. Garden Party/Lawn Party- outdoor/outside gathering
  2. Shower Party- before a wedding ( Bridal Shower) Expecting a baby ( Baby Shower)
  3. Stag Party…of men only
  4. Hen Party…a gathering for women only
  5. Slumber…a group of women in night clothes spending the night talking/Pyjama Party…
  6. Reunion…a group og friends or associates who have come together again in a party
  7. Search Party

I hope you gained tips and hints on this article. If you need any help, please leave me a message or comment below and I will be happy to help you. Visit here frequently because I will always be updating…

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March 10, 2018 at 10:18 am

My daughters 21st birthday party is coming up next month and I really want to show her the time of her life and give something that is different to everyone else – these tips you have outlined are awesome! Never even thought of the invitation cards – I must get to work! Food and menus also LOL – cheers for the useful tips, have you any suggestions for a fancy dress themed 21st party that can help me out?


    March 11, 2018 at 2:34 am

    Hi! William,

    A bucket list of things you need to prepare on your upcoming party is so important for you to be organized. Your daughter is very blessed of having you as her Dad! Remembering the day when she was born giving your first hugs and kisses…oh so sweet! With regards to the fancy dress, Please if you could go back to my site and find on my top Menu: Stores > Party Costume Supercentre 

    or simply visit :

    You can choose your daughter’s favorite Disney character’s dress if you want her party to be like adventurous or at fantasy world. This dresses are for kids and can also Design your own.

    However, if you want a fancy gowns that fits her age, I don’t have recommendations  for now other than for you to search online or just visit a gown store near you.

    You can explore further more on my site if you want to get more ideas on your plan birthday party for your daughter. You can also hand out Personalized give aways. I understand that it is fast approaching which will be next month. If you order, I am not sure if it will be delivered on time depending on your place .What I want for now is for you to get ideas what to prepare making the birthday party of your lovely daughter a memorable one… Hence on that day…I wish your daughter a blessed and happy birthday in advance! All the best!

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