How an organized house look like?

Guides To An Organized House

1. Keep the front yard and back yard garden pathway or walkways clean.

⇒ Having a clean and nice view in the front yard will reflect how is the inside of the house and who the people are living in the house.

  • Maintain the outdoor of the house clean and tidy.
  • Put ornamental plants on both sides of the pathway. Make a garden that brings a colorful site that shows a welcome embrace to anyone who enters the driveway or pathway .It will be also pleasing to the eyes to passers-by .
  • There should be few, maybe two or three trees around the house.
  • Repair the fences and gates , if there is. If you want, it will be nice if you can paint the wires to protect it from rain/water or sunlight to prevent from rusting. The fences can also made out of brushwoods.The fences and gates is the access / entrance to the house that provides a security of the front and back yards of the house because it reflects privacy of the owners. It serves as the boundaries of all others.

Front Yard









2. Garage

⇒ An Indoor space at the front yard or front house for parking or storing a vehicle / car. It is also a place where to keep the tools and gadgets for repairs.There are also some small machines or equipments in this area.

  • Keep the small tools in a drawer or organizers.
  • Install some hanging tools at the wall or ceiling to hang some things like shovels, ricks, brooms and dustpans , etc.
  • Put a parking space for bikes ( best also if hanged to put extra space on the ground ) and wagons or strollers.
  • Put a garbage bin on the side. Keep it clean and throw it regularly to prevent from smelling or unnecessary odors.
  • Put a small table or a size that fits the available space for work / job to be done specially on repairing small objects.
  • Keep some cleaning agents .
  • Always roll up the hoses , wires and ropes putting them on a side where no one can stumble or trip that may result to injury or falling. Maybe just simply hang them on the walls.
  • Keep the floors clean. Vacuum the dusts.


3. Make your closet near the entrance door clean and tidy.

⇒ Keeping the jacket , coats , hats , gloves and shoes in orderly manner. Also called ” Walk -in Closet ” . Anyone who will open the closet specially visitors will follow what they see…

  • Inside the closet, hang the jackets and coats with hangers.
  • Keep the shoes below the floor in nice and in lining up order.
  • Put the hats and gloves in a box or basket above the hangers or somwhere that can be is easily reach.


4. Keep the Living Room neat and clean.

⇒ This is where to entertain the Guests and where the family relax and rest while watching tv and having a nice talks and conversations.

  • Keep the throw blankets folded when not in use.
  • keep the remote controls of the television , components or radio on its sides/top or in a small side table lining up.
  • Put ornamental plants on a side or center table. It is also nice big pot of plants on the side corners of the living room. This will give fresh air to the room .
  • Keep the floors and rugs clean.
  • Put magazines ,newspapers , some books or something to read on a side or center table.



Living room with a natural American Walnut hardwood floor.


5. Keep the kitchen clean , neat and tidy.

⇒ This is where to cook. It is a place for foods that are being prepared .

  • Keep the perishable foods immediately in the fridge and do not leave it at the table or counter.
  • Keep the non – perishable foods on the cup boards.
  • Always wash immediately the utensils or things you used for preparing the foods for cooking.
  • Keep the utensils, pots , pans , plates and bowls to it’s own cup boards.
  • Always wipe the counter/table neat and clean.
  • Put the hand towels and pot holders on its place. Hang or fold in a drawer .Wash the dirty ones regularly.
  • Always wipe clean the stove after each use.


6. Keep the Toilet clean , neat and tidy.

⇒ The Toilet is the most used everytime other than the kitchen.

  • Keep it clean and tidy for this reflects how fresh the house is all the time.
  • Make sure there are enough toilet tissues to use .
  • Make sure there is enough hand soap .
  • Put hand towels on place. Wash them regularly .
  • If it is your choice to put fragrance somewhere in the corner , then do it so.


7. Tidy up your Bedrooms .

⇒ This is where to sleep and have a rest. It is where personal belongings are kept like jewelries and accessories.

  • In the morning , make sure you fold your blanket and lay it down nice .
  • Fix your pillows.
  • Fix the beddings.
  • Fold your pyjamas and lay them down under your pillow.
  • Pick up the clutters specially some used clothes for laundry in a basket and put it away in the closet or drawers.
  • Put your jewelries and accessories in a box , drawers or organizers.
  • Put some books or magazines on a side table or small rack for sleepless nights or maybe to get your eyes ready to sleep.







8. Organize The Bedroom Closet.

⇒ It is a room where to store shoes that are seldom used.It is also a place where to store the clothes

(casuals, dresses and gowns ).

  • Organize the shoes that are not always used like dress shoes, sandals and slippers. Put the likes or the same pairs together lining them up.
  • Hang the long dress and gowns. Also the coats and jackets. The same as the skirts and pants .
  • Fold the T-Shirts and blouse. Separate the everyday use and for those outside use.
  • Put the underwares in a box ,drawers or organizers. Separate the bras from the panties and the briefs .
  • Organize the socks separate from the stockings . Put seldom used in separate boxes ,basket or organizers.
  • Put the bags in line.
  • Put the jewelries and accessories in an organiser or drawers.


Best and General Advice of all to Achieve an Organized House

Tidy Up! Clean Up!

” Organize everytime or right immediately

after each use of the room

inorder not to have a stock of mess in long time ”







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