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Making a House A Home

⇒ As a Building / Structure

– A house don’t need to be big , small is just fine. Whatever your pocket can afford to purchase a house , it is perfectly fine and acceptable.

A Property house could be one story like Bungalow style or a two story. Ther are also houses that have more than two levels .

A Rented house like apartments only have one level but with the basic parts of a house like kitchen bedrooms , toilet and balcony.

The vehicle is on the car park side of the building.

– Having a house is a shelter that a family stay so it protects them from mother earth could bring like rain or heat from the sun and giving

them protection from outside intruders or strangers.

– A ” Family House ” is Privately Owned ! No one can enter except the members . Visitors and relatives are welcome with permission !

– A house has four walls and corners. Inside the house is divided with rooms .



Mom’s House is a place where you can learn about Family. It is where you can learn the values and benefits of having a family.It is where you can learn the importance of having a House where the family lives.It is where you can make your House a Home!





⇒ A family is the smallest unit of the society that consists of parents and offsprings or children related by blood who descended from a common ancestor.

⇒ A family lives in a house. They stay together in one roof. They are the occupants of a house. The most important members of the Community.


  • A structure , building , shelter , facility , lodge.
  • a place to reside and dwell. A residence.
  • It is made up of Four corners or walls.


  • a dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it, a household.
  • An environment or open house offering security , happiness , hospitality and care.
  • A valued place. Available to receive visitors.
  • comfortable and relaxed, at ease , feeling an easy competence and familiarity.


A House Is Not A home !

( How can you explain this? )

  • Anyone can live in a place where they call it there house , but to make it their home is a different story…

A house is a shelter but a home is where you can find the members with dignity and values. They have the caring , unity , peace , love and hope . A home is where you can see a family that lives and dwell together in a house.

Therefore , I will say , to make a a family more blessed , roles of every members plays very important to…

Make a House A Home!


  • A male parent
  • A man who has the tasks or duties to raise his family.
  • Dad’s manhood strength defines him as the Protector.
  • Dad is the Leader and first Decision Maker. (Submission to Mom as the wife and housekeeper).
  • He is the SuperDad.


  • Mom holds the position of authority , responsibility and superior.
  • Mom is the female parent.
  • Mom is the source, origin or producer of things needed in the house and home.

House- take good care of material things. She is in housekeeping.

Home – The “First Teacher “of her kids. Teaches the good Qualities and right Values .

  • Mom is respected for her knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of the family.
  • Mom is the second Decision Maker. ( Submission to Dad as the husband and Head of the family plays an important role for Mom ).
  • She is the SuperMom.


  • The product/s of the endless , pure and wonderful love of the parents.

⇒ covers from a human fetus < baby or infant < child or kid < Teens < adults



  • Makes the equation complete …

Father + Mother = Children

Dad + Mom = Kids ( Boy or Girl )




Making a HOUSE A HOME!











Marita Monterola

March 26, 2018 at 5:22 pm

Hi Shierly,

Truly a house needs to be developed to make it a home for the family members. A home is where the parents and the kids bond together and be in loving relationship with one another. The parents, especially we moms, have a very important role to keep the family intact and in harmony.

Thanks for this post. It’s a wake up call for every family to make their houses a home.



    March 26, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Hi! Marita,
    Thanks for visiting my article. There is no better place than home. If you believe on the saying, “A House is not a Home…” This means, A Home is the Family surrounded with good values and descipline where they live together in a structure called House. Love, Faith and Hope is what a Family should embrace.

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